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On quest for safari! We at Personalized Tours and Safaris will proudly offer unique packages or tailor-made safaris that fitting your choice bearing in mind your interest and pace.We strive to ensure a safari in Kenya and the East African wilderness brings endless possibilities and expectations creating memorable moments in the heart by the sunset.

An experience gotten from safaris ranging from touring to Kenya’s diverse habitats from the Northern region characterized of semi-desert to Snow-capped Mount Kenya on the Equator, alkaline and fresh water lakes along the magnificent Great Rift Valley floor, savanna grassland to white sandy beaches at the coast.

Accommodation services in deluxe, luxury and standard hotels, lodges and tented camps with professional hospitable services a proof to ‘best home away from home’.

We furthermore, do understand that taking a tour or an outing involves a lot of plan­ ning and sacrifice. We therefore leave no chance to ensure that your experience is as unique and as memorable as possible by being requirement specific and biased. We do follow-ups for our guests to ensure they only get the best.


In an endeavor to exceed your expectations on ease of access to services and better your experience in tours and safaris we wish to partner with you in every way to offer this amongst other services;

• Advise on utilization of best prevailing available rates
• Advice on safaris, stop over’s, connections e.t.c.
• Analyze and secure your funds and bookings at minimal risk/cost.
• Offer extremely specific needs. Best rooms/ facing waterhole/facing river/ refurbished e.t.c
• Handle room follow up on availability/ confirmation
• Ticketing

Our mission is to “Meet customer extreme specific needs”

Afya Massionettes 11,

Kaburu Dr, Ngong Road

The company boasts of highly professional staff with years of experience in the industry

We do follow-ups for services for our guests to ensure they only get the best.
Our services include offering best car-hire services, exciting holidays, specialized Kenya & Tanzania safaris and also flight deals,

Overcoming Obstacles
With the hard hit tourism sector, personalized tours and safaris have beaten all odds to survive and still emerge strong. This is by maintaining good client rapport by ensuring service delivery beyond client expectations,

The company is headed by the managing director

The main advantages that clients gain by booking with us are;

  1. We recognize that every client is extremely important and take our time to understand their needs
  2. We understand that some clients are not aware of the price exploitations and therefore offer advice on best rate utilization.
  3. We also facilitate best room and service allocation via rapport with tourist destinations. Best services feature best rooms i.e. facing sea, facing waterhole, refurbished rooms, and new tour vans e.t.c. 
  4. We analyze booking situations to secure your funds and bookings at minimal risk/cost.
  5. We handle room follow up on availability/ confirmation
  6. We offer ticketing services
  7. We also pride in offering door to door services and meeting our guests making our services as personal as possible.



All cancellations must be made in writing to Personalized Tours & Safaris and may be charged a cancellation penalty depending on the Hotels/ airlines /safari cancellation policies:

There is no refund of any unused portion of a safari once commenced.


Tour cost are based on all known costs and rates of exchange at the beginning of the financial year that begins on June 1st. Any significant changes beyond the control of Personalized Tours & Safaris will be passed on to passengers. 
Personalized Tours & Safaris also retain the right to alter any arrangements due to local conditions.

  • These vary tremendously from country to country. Traveller cheques and foreign currency must be changed at the bank, hotel, or safari lodge. Most countries will accept any traveler’s cheques when making payment of service or goods. The Kenya Shillings (Kshs) is Kenya Currency.
  • Dress is mainly informal and should be comfortable as well as practical. Something warm should be brought along for early morning and evenings. Safari clothes are available from hotels/lodges/camps.
  • Where possible, travel light. Baggage space on safari is limited to medium suitcase or holdall per person plus reasonable amount of hand luggage. There is 15 Kilogram per person limit on all flights to the wildlife sanctuaries. Excess luggage must be stored in your arrival hotel.
  • You will find many different of opinion of what is safe and what is not. We recommend for peace of mind, to drink local bottled mineral water.
  • Remember to take your Malaria medication and protect yourself from sun with sunscreen or safari hat.



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